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How do I share a page?
Last Updated 6 months ago

Sharing a page requires the sharer to have a Paywallz account and to be logged in with an active subscription. Any Paywallz subscriber can share any page on the subscribing site. However, only subscriptions in which a "Share Pass" is enabled will allow the recipient to view a normally protected page – without requiring a Paywallz account.

  1. Check to see if YOUR subscription has a "Share Pass" enabled.
    1. Sign into
    2. Click "Edit" for the subscription in your plan details it will show the duration of a Share Pass.
    3. If you subscription bundle/plan allows for a "Share Pass" duration you'll be able to follow the next step.

  2. If you have the "Share Pass" feature go to the Publisher site and Share
    1. Go to your publishers site and navigate to a normally protected page.
    2. At the bottom of the page you'll see a "SHARE" button... clicking this will allow sharing in 4 ways for the length of time starting when you click "SHARE". You can share to: Email, Facebook, Twitter, or just copy the Share URL.



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