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Domains, URLs, slugs, and paths. What is all this stuff?
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A URL is made up of three parts. The subdomain, the domain and the slug (path).

For our example website

The subdomain is:

The domain is:

The slug (could be empty, have a slash, or a string, or something):


All together a full URL could be:

It is important in Squarespace or Wordpress or any site to correctly name the slug. Instead of the page being named "new-page-2-defualt" you may want to call it "overload" or something descriptively related to the page, perhaps the page's heading title.


Now go to your Paywallz dashboard. We'll take a look at protecting pages (paths)

Once you have all your slugs formatted correctly, you'll want to enter the correct domain and slugs in the Paywallz dashboard.

In Squarespace (or whichever CMS you us) identify the pages (paths) that you want to protect behind the paywall. In the following pictures we'll protect the page Gymnasium (*
Now, in the Paywallz dashboard ensure the same pages are correctly entered...


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